You demand the highest quality for your data – and that is exactly what we provide.

Descartes STEPcom Ltd. is the specialist in the exchange of high-quality article master data between trading partners. The company has extensive expertise in the B2B area. All its employees have many years of experience in dealing with master data. You can look forward to experiencing Swiss thoroughness, efficiency and customer friendliness.

From the manufacturer, via the supplier and to the retailer – the entire supply chain runs in accordance with modern market needs, thanks to the services provided by Descartes STEPcom Ltd.. Consumers demand ever more information in ever more detail. Online shops require better and better and constantly updated master data, along with image material. And the demands of trade and industry are also becoming ever higher and more complex.

Satisfy the requirements of today and make yourself ready for the needs of tomorrow. With Descartes STEPcom Ltd. at your side as a strong partner.

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